“Hatch is an incredible design partner to us. Thoughtful, collaborative, and versatile. Always a joy to work with. They've dramatically up-leveled our design across digital and print, systematically bringing to life our story across every imaginable touch-point. Excited to continue on this path together.”

Michael Margolis Profile Image

Michael Margolis, Founder and CEO of Get Storied

Product and web design
Information Design, Visual Systems and Digital Design
Brand Refresh, Visual Identities for Core Products and Web Design

Design Partner:
Get Storied

Identity Design, Motion Graphics, Presentation Design, Product Sheets and Sales Material and Web Design

Get Storied

For more than a decade, Get Storied has helped leading institutions redefine their narrative in the face of disruption, change and ambiguity. They have changed the game for good – helping thousands of innovators, change-agents and entrepreneurs communicate a world-changing agenda.

Following several years of rapid growth, teaching at the likes of Facebook, Greenpeace & NASA, the world's leading school for human-centered storytelling needed to amplify their visual story to reflect their ambitions.

We’ve spent the last 6 months working hand-in-hand with Get Storied as their creative partners; sharing stories, coffee and chocolate along the way as we sought to get to the heart of their business.


Intellectual Rigour + Emotional Intimacy

Following a series of workshops and session with Michael and the team across every aspect of the business, we built a new brand direction to inspire a sophisticated audience to a sophisticated product.

The brand’s vision of intellectual rigour with emotional intimacy was created through story-rich imagery and good design practice – consistent, clear and engaging content. Crafted with intent, understanding and a solid framework.

Human-centered storytelling

Get Storied are the masters at telling a business story that captures the imagination. So it’s essential that their brand does the same.

Borrowing from human-centred design techniques we built out content that not only engages their audience, but also educates and inspires them through effective comprehension and retention of information.