Cbus Diversity and Inclusion Report Design Infographic Design

"My team and I at Cbus had the pleasure of working with Hatch to produce both presentations and our D&I reporting. We found them to be flexible, creative and a pleasure to deal with. Not to mention the fact that the work was fantastic and visually very impactful and exactly what we were looking for!"


Johanna Neilsen, Senior Adviser to the CEO, People
Cbus Super Fund


Diversity and Inclusion Report


What we did:



Communicating workplace Diversity and Inclusion is a critical business objective in today's increasingly diverse market. How do corporations communication dry and intimidating data to their stakeholders in a way that they will care?



The answer? Information Design and Data Visualisation

We were able to transform that dry data in a compelling communication by cutting up and visualising it into bite-sized consumable chunks.

This helps to communicate key information in a powerful way that is appealing, and aides the comprehension and retention of the information being presented.