Explainer videos are becoming an essential communication tool for all brands. They are quick and easy to deliver, whether you’re explaining a service or your product, demonstrating how to complete a task or introducing your company to a new visitor. They’re a great opportunity to showcase your brand in everything from the visuals to the voiceover. Even the most boring product can become an entertaining explainer video with a little creativity and pizazz. 


We’ve rounded up 10 awesome explainer video examples. From motion graphics to live-action, take a look below (in no particular order).

1. Dumb Ways to Die (Metro Trains Melbourne)


2. Design Thinking (Harvard Business Review)


3. Instagram Direct (Instagram)


4. Ellipsis (Hatch)


5. Super Sync Sports (Chrome)


6. One tee. One week. One cause (Sevenly)


7. Anatomy of a Computer Virus (HungryBeast)


8. “One Is One…Or Is It?” (TED-Ed)


9. Spotify


10. PiCo (Hatch)


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Matt Smith Creative Director and Founder of Hatch

Matt Smith
Matt is the Creative Director and Founder of Hatch.
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